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Watch video clips of the best 2017, 2016 and 2015 Super Bowl advertisements including outrageous television commercials and funny ads from T-Mobile, Pepsi, Kia, Bud Light, Baywatch and Alfa Romeo.


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More great TV commercials including the Rock for T-Mobile, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for T-Mobile, Terry Bradshaw for Tide, Lebron James for Sprite WannaDrink, Jeff Gordon for Daytona Day and the football babies for the NFL.

The Falcons and Patriots played a great game but we know most of the people really wanted to see the funny commercials and Lady Gaga halftime show. Complete coverage and reviews of all the best and worst television ads from the SuperBowl.

The best Super Bowl advertisements of all-time from Bud Light, T-Mobile, Terry Bradshaw for Tide and Lebron James for Sprite WannaDrink at www.superbowl Sponsors air their best television commercials during the Super Bowl on Fox TV and this year will be no exception.

Which Superbowl commercials were the funniest? Our reviewers loved the T-Mobile commercial with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Who can forget the football baby players?

Esurance got attention with their Sorta Pharmacy commercial featuring Walter White from Breaking Bad fame as your local pharmacist. The BMW i3 electric car throwback commercial featuring Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric looking back to the nineties was very nostalgic. Some of the funnier commercials include Mindy Kaling as invisible in her Nationwide commercial (until she meets Matt Damon) and a very angry Liam Neeson bent on revenge after losing the Clash of Clans game. Esurance gets noticed again with reckless driver Lindsay Lohan. Skittles the usual way, disagreements are settled with arm wrestling. The Fiat lost ED pill commercial was hilarious. The self-absorbed Kim Kardashian wants you to save your data with T-Mobile and Doritos guy tries to save a middle seat on the plane for a beauty. There were so many clever, funny commercials that it is hard to pick a favorite.

Which ones were the most entertaining? Snickers, Esurance, BMW, Nationwide, Skittles, Kia, Doritos, Carl's Jr or Mercedes Benz? Bud Light did well with the real life sized version of Pac Man game. Mercedes Benz produced a race between the tortoise and hare. Mophie All Powerless shows what happens in the world when God's cell phone battery dies. Kia helped Pierce Brosnan with his Pefect Getaway.

The sexiest ads were offered by the Victoria's Secret in the Mood lingerie commercial, Game of War with Kate Upton showing epic cleavage and Carl's Jr. Au Naturel features a gorgeous model in the buff with lots of sight gags. These ads surely got the most attention from the guys.

The most heartwarming commercials were put forth by Budweiser with a story of a sad puppy being rescued by the Clydesdales. McDonald's went feelgood with their Pay with Lovin campaign. Amy Purdy snowboarding to the words of Muhammad Ali for Toyota Camry was quite inspirational.

What about the worst Superbowl commercials? According to our reviewers the Nationwide childhood accidents advertisement which focused on child deaths was a total downer and Pete Rose in the hall (of his house) with his Skechers was a miss for us too.

What Superbowl ad will be the most talked about? We believe that Snickers, Esurance and BMW will generate the most buzz with their commercial efforts. Watch these video clips now and see what everybody will be talking about after the game.

Watch the funniest Super Bowl ads, the commercials which got banned and read reviews and see full credits. Superbowl commercial reviews and links, including ads from superbowls of the past. Plus controversial ads and banned commercials from SquareSpace and Carl's Jr..



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